Passion For My Nation

Whenever I hear people contemplating Political Revolution as the only solution to solve Kenya Woes, my heart is stirred up over and over to total conviction that Kenya is a spring of Revival and not a spring board of Political Revolution. For now, political revolution may tickle most Kenyans ears due to all manner of economic mess going on and broken promises. I mean, too much is happening on a daily basis that disappointment, anger and depression has plagued most young people but the solution is not a political revolution but Revival.
To all young people like me ,before we embrace a move ,let’s be real and take a memory lane at the uprising in North Africa back in 2010.The political Revolution that spanned in four countries hit the headlines on a daily basis for most part of that year, but did it bare the best results they were looking for? Absolutely not. People died, their economies crumbled to their feet and destruction spanned all over and the heart-breaking part, today as I pen down this post these nations are yet to achieve their former glory.
Yes, I know there were grave issues affecting the citizens of these Nations and there were injustices happening all over but was the Arab uprising the only solution? One thing am fully persuaded is, Kenya is a Nation under God. We don’t have to adopt systems that didn’t work out in other Nations, just because things are not flowing the way we had anticipated! Our solution does not lie with a Political Revolution but God.
Only God has the final solution to our woes, which comes from a place of us believers taking our rightful place of Authority and guarding this Nation through our knees. We are the Gatekeepers in the Spiritual realm and whatever we allow to happen in the church, opens a door in the physical world. Just like in Nehemiah’s time, Our Heavenly Father expects THE CHURCH (not the government), to rebuilt the walls and gates of the society, so that original order of authority can take effect. The Spiritual realm governs the physical and because as believers, we occupy the spiritual seat, we should ARISE, REALISE and Re-awaken our mandate to take charge and control of THE CITY, as God ordained and as God desires for the well-being of the entire society and nation at large.
  • Only Revival will spark the hearts of men and women in governance, to fear God and serve humanity with integrity.
  • Only Revival will break the yokes of impunity by igniting the hearts of men and women in leadership, to embrace servanthood leadership.
  • Only revival will heal the hearts of young people in this nation who have been disappointed by our current leaders.
  • Only revival will open our eyes to see the great destiny of this nation and steer us into voting based on values and not pocket change bribes.
Don’t get it twisted, it’s not the politicians who are holding this Nation together But God’s Mighty hand holding us together despite the mess, despite the corruption, despite the impunity and despite the drama. Revolution is a man’s idea with temporal satisfaction but revival is God’s idea for healing a hurting nation with positive results, that will be channeled from generations to generations.
Love Reina Beaty.
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