You can do it

While growing up we had to go through kindergarten, elementary school, High school to college. Each and every step, in our thirst to attain knowledge we had to qualify to get to the next level. The stuff that we learnt in kindergarten was quite simple but as children it deemed very hard to grasp. I have fond memories, of how I would ask my parents and relatives to help me out in completi2ng my homework. The most interesting thing is, they never ever used to give me answers to my questions, all they did is assist me with some little facts then let me finish my Homework. They had clear knowledge of all the answers in my school assignment, but never gave me the answers because they knew; they would rob me off the pleasure of producing my potential.
God works with us in the same way. There are some things that He would like to do for you but he’s holding back, so that you can enjoy the ability He has deposited in you,  to tackle that task yourself just by following His instructions.You might be facing a challenging situation and you are like “God change this situation” and God responds “I could honey, but there’s something you could learn which you are capable of doing and being, so i will just watch and see you manifest what i have already deposited within you. In the book of Numbers 13 There were  twelve spies who had been commissioned by Moses to go and spy the land of Canaan for forty days. Out of the twelve spies only two Caleb and Joshua gave a positive report about the Land. The children of Israel were so used to signs and wonders from God, during their journey from Egypt. I believe some of the spies thought God will show up and give them the land immediately, but that was not the case. The ten spies spoke of people who lived in Canaan as powerful and they were as grasshoppers, they were totally intimidated by what they saw. In real sense God had already given them the land but only Caleb and Joshua, gave a report of going into the land and conquering it. God had entrusted Moses with the task and He knew there will be people who will led the children into the land of the promise. There was no cloud by day or fire by night to lead the spies, God just watched from his throne of Grace and I know He would have opted to help them out, but the attitude and faith of the spies is all that mattered to Him. All these twelve spies had encountered the mighty hand of God in saving and protecting the children of Israel but only Joshua and Caleb had a positive report in conquering the land. Most of the times people walk in fear and doubt, just like the ten spies who had gone to spy the land earlier on, yet you know God gave you a word in accomplishing something.

Embrace a positive and bold attitude like Caleb and Joshua and see the unfolding of your dreams.

God as our Loving Father really takes pleasure, when we discover all that He has given us. He wants us to enjoy the blessings of participating in His purpose. I simply believe, God is observing you to see if you can tackle a situation that He knows you are more than able to do handle.

As a parent enjoys watching a child learn new things, God finds satisfaction in watching us discover and use our gifts.

Philippians 1:6

Being confident of this very thing that He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ
You Are Special In God’s Eyes…………………
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