Your Beauty Is Meant For God’s Glory


Our world today is obsessed with its standard of beauty but one thing I will advice all my sister girls is, stop comparing yourself with others and start celebrating how uniquely and beautifully God created you. A God-fearing woman is beautiful from the inside out and real beauty is having a beautiful mind, a beautiful heart and a beautiful soul. Nothing is more beautiful like a woman who knows her worth in Christ yet humble and confident.
So, all manner of beauty as per the standards of this world is all vanity of vanities since it won’t save your soul from hell, it will never win a soul to the kingdom of God and it will never get anyone to Heaven.
It’s my prayer for all Beautiful women who desire to be agents of change in this generation that your prayer be :-
“Lord let my face glow with your beauty , let my eyes be your eyes that people may see you through me, let my mouth be your mouth that I only speak what you want me to speak, let my smile be your smile , where people will feel your warmth, let my heart be your home where your genuine love and wisdom flows, let my mind be your mind where your thoughts become my thoughts, let my hands be your hands that whatever I touch is blessed, let my ears be your ears that i only listen to what you desire me to listen to and let my steps be your steps that only go where you desire me to go in Jesus Mighty Name Amen”.

Love Reina Beaty.

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