Divine Fitness

We have different kinds of fitness and they can vary from what one wants to pursue to be fit, be it academic fitness, mental fitness, physical fitness but the most important fitness I will be divulging on in this post is , Spiritual Fitness. If you have ever been to a fitness center, you have most likely seen people getting their bodies in shape. They were probably jogging or lifting weights in order to tone and strengthen their muscles and there focus was to become fit physically.
People will go to great lengths to be mentally fit if they are depressed by visiting a therapist, others will spend tons of money to be taught certain subjects that will make them fit enough to work in certain careers.But no matter how important we may aspire to be physically, mentally or academically fit, there is a kind of fitness that needs to become part of our daily everyday life and that is our Spiritual Fitness.
There is a divine fitness that we must develop in order to carry and walk with what God has given. We must be willing to develop “spiritual fitness” so our inner man can carry the anointing that God is pouring out in these last days.
I will be honest with you, your Spiritual fitness will determine your success or your failure in life. Your success will not be determined by how physically strong you are, how smart you are, who you know, where you go or what you did but it will be determined by what kind of spiritual condition you are in. You have to acknowledge there is a spiritual fitness that you must develop if you want to live victoriously. No one beginning the Christian life, starting in ministry or working for a ministry, who looks back to their old way of life, is spiritually fit to be an effective worker. If someone starts out following the Holy Spirit, and then looks back, it is because they are not spiritually fit on the inside. “No man, having put his hand to the plough, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God….” (Luke 9:62). The divine fitness on the inside enables them to keep on plowing.
Our words, actions and attitudes, will always determine how spiritually fit we are. A person, a family or a church that is not spiritually fit cannot run in God’s marathon. That’s why some complain about living the Christian life. The reason of many of their excuses why they don’t have time to pray fervently, read God’s Word is because they are not spiritually fit enough to do both. Many times these kinds of complaints are nothing more than excuses to remain spiritually undeveloped.
Life is a marathon and spiritual maturity is a journey but we have to be intentional and allow the Holy Spirit to mature us until we make Jesus more real and being believers more desirable to everyone we encounter.Being physically fit is nice, being mentally fit is good, but being spiritually fit is a must for every believer in these last days.

Love ReinaBeaty.

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