Bench Mark

Don’t allow what you see on social media be your benchmark on how you perceive life. We all have our own battle scars that tell our stories, shape us and inspire others to keep moving. Personally! Am just an imperfect girl chasing after the heart of a perfect God. My desire is the world to know this perfect God, who knows how to perfect our imperfections to align with His perfect will.
Behind the scenes, i do go through challenging times, I go through times of breaking and dying to self on a daily basis. But in spite of the good and bad times, all I want is my influence to be Christ centered and nothing less than that.
This gals life is not perfect, she is after progress and not perfection, running her own lane that she may obtain her prize, focusing unto Jesus the author and finisher of her faith. When all is said and done, I shall stand before God alone and give an account of how I lived my life in private, in public, how I used my talents and not by how many likes I obtained or followers I gained.
I am committed to do the Will of my Heavenly Father and It’s my desire that Christ will be made known to you through this platform. How I pray, to be a well that you can draw from the genuine love of God, God’s wisdom and God’s truth.

Love ReinaBeaty.

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