There Is Nothing Our God Cannot Do

Happy new week Beautiful People, do you know God will often wait until a situation appears hopeless before He works a miracle? You have looked at your circumstances, at your gifts, your physical body, your resources, your education, your connections and decided a promise couldn’t be fulfilled because it simply wasn’t possible. But our infinite God can go far beyond any finite options we can imagine.
If God has said He will do something, then He will be faithful to do it no matter your natural circumstances, remember Sarah, the wife of Abraham? She was already “past childbearing age” when she conceived Isaac. It was biologically impossible for a woman over ninety to have a child! But when Sarah yielded the situation to God choosing to trust that He would be faithful the miracle happened.

Just because we can’t do something doesn’t mean God can’t do it either.

After all, when something seems no longer possible and God turns up, only then can He get the glory. As you look at the things that seem impossible in your life, remember God is present and making a way. As Luke 18:27 reminds us, “What is impossible with man is possible with God.”
You can be confident that there is nothing our God cannot do. He can do abundantly more than we can fathom, imagine, or hope for. Article By Christine Cain.

Love ReinaBeaty.

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