Mistaken Identity


Nobody likes the idea of being denied His/her freedom because of being accused falsely of a crime he/she did not commit. I do like watching investigative series once in a while, which tackle real life stories on crime. One investigative story was very intriguing and very sad at the same time. A young man was falsely accused of murdering a teen girl, the fact that he was the last person to be seen with the victim, most clues of a prime suspect pointed fingers at him. Listening to the story, I knew for sure this guy was the killer.The young man was arrested even though he constantly claimed he was innocent. It’s interesting when there is always an investigative officer, who always has a 3rd reasoning sense to look for more clues in any case.
After three years,while still spending his term behind bars, an interesting twist happened, when an investigative officer found clues that showed the real suspect, who murdered the teen girl. To cut the long story short, in order to bring my point home, the real victim was finally arrested, he confessed of the crime yet to everyone he was not close to being portrayed as the real killer. The young guy who had spent 3 years behind bars was finally released but his freedom was compromised for a crime that he did not commit.
In reality today, there are hundreds of innocent people who are spending life behind bars, for crimes they did not commit, instead of enjoying freedom that innocent people enjoy. Many would read this and sympathize with suspects of mistaken identity. It’s sad to say, there are thousands of people all around the world, who are not behind bars but they are prisoners of mistaken identity. They are walking scotch free, they have not broken any law of the land but they don’t know who they really are!!!!You not accepting who you are and trying to change who you really are, you are actually walking here on earth as a mistaken identity.
God never creates junk!!! He knew you had to possess specific traits, specific physical features and He knew you could not perform everything. He knew very well, you could not possess all gifts and that’s why, people all over the world are wired to perform certain tasks and no one is perfect, to perform everything.
You agreeing the world system to define you, to manipulate you, to control your actions, you will end up accepting self-rejection. What do I mean, you will end up accepting self-rejection? You will desire to be like so and so, you will desire to achieve what others have achieved, you will desire to stay in debts and compromise your standards, to have the kind of lifestyle you see from a celebrity yet themselves they have their own issues they are dealing with.
Are you busy chasing after careers, chasing after relationships,  chasing after social status approval but in the mix of all this, you are striving to be like somebody else, rather than being the best version of you? After a long day, trying to achieve what others have achieved, you go back home feeling so empty and wondering what is wrong???
Honey!!!Everything is wrong ,when you are busy doing things out of your lane. You believe people’s opinions of who they think you should be, than identifying with Jesus and his opinions of you.Today i came to minister to you ,yes you!!!

Take this from me, whatever you are required to fulfill here on earth is already within you. You don’t have to copy other people to accomplish, what can only come from within you. Knowledge is power, learning is great, sharpening your gifts it’s awesome but imitating other people, compromising your standards to achieve your goals is absolutely wrong.

Looking at products we use on a daily basis from electronics, make-up, clothes, shoes, construction materials etc everybody wants to spend his money on original stuff due to their durability, effectiveness and safety right!!!!. Nobody wants to spend his dime on something that is fake, why then do you aspire to be a cheap copy of somebody else, than being the real authentic you?

God chose to create you for His own glory; you exist for His benefit, purpose and his delight, It’s not in His nature to waste anything

For you to wake up in the morning and decide to be like somebody else, to act like somebody else who barely knows you, is an insult to God. Whatever God gave you from your talents, personality, skin color and life experiences, He intended to use them for His glory. As a believer, your identity is found in Christ, not how you feel about yourself or what others say about you.
Your freedom to walk away from a lifestyle of mistaken identity, it’s first establishing your true identity is found in Christ. Stop bowing down to your feelings, they are not a reliable source of information. Learn to believe what God says about you, than how you feel about yourself. God’s love for you is unconditional,it’s not based on your performance and the best part is, we belong to Jesus Ephesians 1:6 So we praise God for the glorious grace he has poured out on us who belong to his dear Son.

You are created in God’s image and God makes no mistakes, To put yourself down or change who you really are, is an insult to God’s handiwork.BE THE BEST VERSION OF YOU.

God Loves You And Desires The Best For You.
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