Global Leadership Summit 2018

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I always try my best to share snippets of events I attend once in a while, which sharpen my knowledge and skills as I navigate through my assignment.  Am always looking forward to learn something new that I will use as a too,l for advancing God’s kingdom in my generation.
Few weeks ago, my friends and i, managed to attend GLS 2018 at Citam Valley Road, which I had intentionally planned to attend beforehand. The two-day event, was mind opening and I thank God for all Leaders, who poured their hearts out during the summit.
Here is my challenge to you, if you desire to make an impact in your sphere of influence,be willing to learn from those who have gone ahead of you.


Few highlights

*As leaders, we should learn how to work effectively with people from different back grounds, who have been raised differently from our own culture.


*Your vision needs to be inclusive, give people room to give their own ideas.


*Leadership is not about success but paradigm shift, where lives are transformed and destinies are impacted.

*You can’t have a global reach, if you don’t have a global brand.
*The best way to find out if you can trust someone, is to trust them. If you can’t trust your team, you are either too controlling or you have the wrong team, either way it’s your problem to solve.
*We are all multi-faceted and what makes you unique, is your diversity.
*Your authenticity is your distinctive, competitive feature.
*As a leader your vision has to be resilient, it has to withstand cultural, political and technical change.

*Diversity comes from different people with different experiences, that lead to different perspectives and more ideas. To have diversity, be intentional, hold people accountable, make sure there is consistency to have an outcome.
*The primary benefit of a leader, is to benefit others and not self, which means, your vision should be service oriented and not self-oriented.
*The X factor Leadership- Joshua demonstrated a strong commitment to learning from Moses. Commitment to learning will help you become an exemplary leader. Leadership is developed through commitment.

*You must be willing to sacrifice for the people, Joshua divided the land with the people and didn’t get any portion. Joshua divided the land but he did not get one for himself, until the children of Israel, gave him a portion of an inheritance.
*Expose yourself to events and relationships that will expose your mind.
*Spend an hour a day, in a certain subject and in 5 years you will become an expert in that field
*Do something so great, that when people see it they will say that only God could do that since it’s beyond your abilities.


Few Things to note:
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