Distinct Contentment

Being content with your current season, is very vital in your spiritual growth and enjoying your life as a born-again believer. I’ll be authentic on my journey of embracing contentment, in order to help anyone struggling with discontentment. I recall vividly, how at some point in my life i was not content with the fact I was single. Whenever anyone would ask me, where is my spouse or when is my wedding, I would feel like, am missing out on something. My discontentment, came from what people thought about my status” single”, the endless questions I got from friends and family members. As much as I knew my identity in Christ, I kinda allowed a small crack in my mind, where the devil spoke to me all manner of garbage, why I was not married.
For a moment, as humanely as  i am, I entertained discouragement and discontentment, which made me view life through the mirror of worldly standards, instead of what God says about me in His word. I bet when the enemy knows he has your mind where he wants, he can send anything or anyone along your path, to really doubt what God says about you in His word.I recall I certain time, when a young married man who is a believer, tried to down size me, by the fact I was I single. It’s one thing to be attacked by people from the world but it’s totally a different ball game, when it comes from a mouth of a brethren. Those words really hurt me, since I was not content with my season as a single woman.
Why am sharing the above experience ??I did forgive him since he was ignorant with his words, however my discontentment gave his words some power, which were short lived, to bring me down and I ended up asking God questions.In my state of asking God questions, He actually took me to Ecclesiastes 3:1 To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven. God showed me how there is a specific purpose under Heaven, in my season as a single woman, which ought to give Him glory. This actually gave me a clear perspective, how I ought to be content with different seasons in life and ignore distractions, that taint my focus on pursuing my assignment, which acts as a ground that God checks whether He can trust me. In the fullness of time, I know He will perfect that which concerns me, but am fully aware, discontentment will never allow me become the best version of who God created me to be.
For me, discontentment brewed from a place of not feeling enough, since I had entertained people’s opinions. Maybe for you, you are facing discontentment in a different area of your life, which can be in your finances, your career, your marriage, your business or ministry but whatever has clouded your heart to embrace discontentment ,is clouding your main focus on why God created you.

To bear fruit in life, focus is key in accomplishing any given task, however be aware of DISTRACTIONS. Distractions can manifest in any form, from relationships, places ,media, social media to material things ,which can give room for discontentment to thrive, if you are not vigilant on what you expose your heart and mind to. They will always look convenient, appealing to your flesh and easy to navigate but they will cost you, YOUR DESTINY. If the enemy cannot destroy you, he will try to distract you and detour you, from what you are supposed to accomplish.

With all due humility, God has been using me for His glory in my generation, through this online ministry and Beautiful Queens-Outreaches but at a certain time in my life , I felt I was not enough due to discontentment. Discontentment had distracted my focus on my assignment. Learn to be alert, when distractions come knocking.

Be confident with your identity, embrace contentment in your season and be fully aware, God has graced you for whichever season you are currently in. There is a specific purpose and blessing in your season, which should not give you room to harbor discontentment. You can’t have everything in this world but you can have every beautiful thing, that God intended you to have.

Have distinct Contentment with your season and it will be easy for you, to trust God in organizing and working out everything for your good. Everyone’s timing is absolutely different and God created all of us  uniquely.Don’t allow anyone to rush you with their time lines, in defining your own journey.Some people maybe ahead of you but that does not mean, God is not at work in your life. Stop complaining and comparing your path with somebody’s else path.
Comparison will,
  • Never move you ahead,
  • It will never improve your situation,
  • It will never make you better and the sad reality is,
  • You will never enjoy peace, while you are busy comparing yourself with others, due to discontentment.
  • Comparison will make you jealous,bitter and offended with life.
Let’s be real, most of us millennial’s don’t appreciate process, we want things to happen at the blink of an eye. We want to own homes, cars, huge businesses, have extravagant vacations which is not bad, but the truth is, many are ending up compromising their values,their faith and engaging in toxic relationships or  fraudulent deals,in order to attain high end lifestyles due to discontentment.Discontentment is the fuel behind young people are searching out for quick fixes, which offer temporary satisfactions at the expense of their integrity, values and in the long run, generations after them..
Face the reality and have a clear understanding,no human being has a perfect life, no matter how they try to post perfect photos on Instagram, Facebook or any other form of media. Refuse marriage, children, promotion, earthly achievements,power, money wealth or fame, be the bench mark of your success that you end up entertaining discontentment, by not valuing different seasons in life. It’s so easy to be distracted with what’s going on around us that we can end up missing out on being present, in the season God has for us.

Being the best version of you, starts with being content in the season that you are in. This will give you the ability to  discover your purpose if you haven’t, to do what you love, you will obey God’s instructions, you will be in sync with the will of God upon your life, you will discover your gifts and your passion, that God will use as a training ground for your next season.

Please hear me out my beloved, you may not have ended up where you intended to go but trust me on this, you are complete in Christ. Never sit back and give up, learn to be patient, give your all in your current season, stop over thinking of what‘s next  but focus on how you can give your best and be a blessing to those around you.What took longer, will definitely bear fruit, if you faint not.
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1 Timothy 6:6

Now godliness with contentment is great gain.
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