Who Told You???

“My goodness, this guy is taking like forever to propose, is he afraid to pop the question??Is he thinking it’s too soon? Is he thinking this or that?” You have endless reasons , why you need to help a man ,take the lead in your life by popping the BIG QUESTION.Am yet to digest, how a lady became the one to pop the question “WILL YOU MARRY ME at the expense of the man in her life? I always say, run your race and you will save yourself from endless heartaches.
You are in a dysfunctional relationship, the man whom you have already pictured in your mind walking you down the aisle, ain’t telling you where the relationship is heading to.As you read this post, you are in a dilemma with suggestions of what ifs, stalking you to step out of your lane. Out of desperation because you are crazy in love with a man who is not willing to commit ,you end up feeding yourself with all misleading information about relationships.
From talk shows to friends who barely want to be honest with you,they feed your mind with what you want to hear and not what you need which is TRUTH.They mislead you to think, gone are the days when women would sit around and wait for their significant others to pop the big question when they dim fit. Who am I speaking to on this post???At times all we want to hear is, what is pleasing to our ears yet misleading but to live a victorious, happy and meaningful life , we have to be told the truth even though it hurts.
Of late, there is all this hullaballoo of young, beautiful and professional damsels, trying to twist the principles of God and doing it their own way, to have a man in their lives. They have it all together and they think they can have, whosoever they desire in a man because they have what it takes. You think you are brave, smart and the next trend in your social circles by your bold move!!! Ladies! Ladies! Ladies, as per my Bible which is the oldest book yet the guide of how we ought to live, states clearly In proverbs 18:22 He who finds a wife finds a good thing, And obtains favor from the Lord, nowhere is it written ,she who finds a man??
God never, ever intended for the woman to make the relationship happen. The Original blueprint, which is still the original blueprint, was for the man to pour out and the woman to receive and produce the fruit of that man’s labor of  LOVE. So, am yet to understand why the confusion yet we have the blueprint???If you think you can out smart God’s plan and do things your way, honey!!You are setting yourself up for real problems.
Be real with yourself and the reality at hand, to make wise investments with your heart and mind not out of your emotions!!! It does not matter, whether you are the one calling the shots in your organization or holding a leadership position, God’s principles in regards to marriage will never change to suit your status quo Period!!!

Take Note:-You taking the lead, will eventually get you in the dark.You won’t have a clue as to who really wants who, if you did all the work to make it happen. This will only lead to insecurity, which will make you do stupid things that will eventually drive that man away or make your life miserable with a man who can’t take the lead. You will end up wondering what went wrong, after he discovers a hot chase to pursue and you will be one bitter woman branding all men as ****

With all due humility and love, why allow desperation and pressure from people, lead you to take this route?? By the fact you are the one popping the question, it’s out right clear, the man is showing you he isn’t willing or prepared to take the relationship to the next level. So, if he says yes, it is simply because you backed him into a corner. Is that what you really want? You have become so obsessed with validating this relationship with a marriage, or simply achieving your dream of marriage that you have lost sight of what is really important!!
Marriage is not all about having a grand wedding which is only one day, to impress people, get heads turning and the whole town talking of how grand it was. Neither is it all about falling in love and having babies and don’t get me wrong on this,they are by products of your relationship but not the main purpose of a marriage union. God’s design for marriage is to make that union more effective in service to Him, to display kingdom living, to fulfill his purpose as a couple and to glorify Him in the world by your example. Marriage is a journey honey! Which is fueled from a place of PURPOSE and not a place of DESPERATION!!!
To all beautiful damsels, If a man knows what he wants and there is a gaping hole in his life caused by your absence, he will propose and take the necessary action to make that happen. If he hasn’t then, either he truly is not ready which is up to you to determine, if he has had enough time or he simply isn’t the one for you. I know am speaking to someone, who might be in that situation now and you know the answer deep down your guts but you choose to ignore it for many different reasons.  You know what? We all have one life to live, we have to be honest with ourselves and accept our reality.
Sometimes we spend years with someone who we should have never allowed to pass by a hallo!!! His unwillingness to marry you, is at times the confirmation that you refuse to acknowledge,it is better to walk away and prepare yourself for the man, who will want to marry you, than for you to propose to a man who just isn’t prepared to take that step.

If you are in a place of trusting God, for a husband who fears Him, willing to take the lead as a responsible and committed man, who will take initiative on things in life and your relationship, then don’t take that authority away from him by deciding to propose. You only lower your standards and value as a woman by taking this action.


To All Beautiful Damsels!!! God Desires The Best For You.🎀

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