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While walking home from work,i always enjoy using less populated lanes in my Home country Kenya. Am well able to see a lot of events happening, that paint images in my mind about the goodness of God. I strongly believe reflecting on God’s beautiful creation and never taking it for granted, helps me to see/hear God in a profound way. I meet few people minding their own business, school kids going home, traffic police on guard to make sure traffic is moving smoothly and halloo I also meet preachers spreading the gospel of truth to small gatherings at the bus terminus, at times I listen to them and observe people as they listen, others are just scrolling their phones, some are reading newspapers or hawkers just selling their goods.
A lot is always happening and many might think it’s a normal routine, which is well calculated. Come Sunday morning! Most of us have the privilege to either attend church, watch sermons at the comfort of our homes or just stay indoors and nobody will dare ask you why you are a Christian or why you are attending church??
Having fellowship with other believers it’s amazing , we grow spiritually, learn how to love, we have the opportunity to serve, we meet new people the list is just endless BUT do we ever have time to really ponder about Christians in Nations where Christianity is illegal???News around the world, indicates that Islamic states and in North Korea being found with a bible or holding a small gathering as Christians will led to serious persecution and torture!!!
Each month 322 Christians are killed for their faith, 214 churches and Christian properties are destroyed, 712 forms of violence are committed against Christians from Abductions, rapes, illegal arrests to families being separated. How sad it is that some of us are busy praying for our needs or asking God for breakthroughs in our finances, relationships, careers which ain’t bad but how often do you forget about your small needs and pray for Christians going through persecutions???How often do you take time to pray for lost souls and the gospel to penetrate in these hard lined nations??  Hebrews 13:3 Remember the prisoners as if chained with them—those who are mistreated, since you yourselves are in the body also.

As long as you are a born again Christian, know you have a mandate to facilitate the spreading of God’s gospel, you might not be a missionary to go far and beyond but you can be a financier of the gospel to get there, you might not have the finances but you have the weapon of prayer to intercede for missionaries and lost souls to get saved.

So each and every one of us has a role to play, in making sure the gospel of truth gets into each and every part of the world. In the book of  Acts 12, we read how Christians in Jerusalem, were going through much persecution that involved being Killed, as King Herod had already killed Apostle James the brother of John. During this season he was after another Apostle, ‘Peter’ to kill him, just because he was spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ.
One thing that enlightens me. it’s how the church in Jerusalem constantly prayed for Peter’s deliverance and yes!!!God came through and he was not killed by king Herod. That’s how powerful prayer is,when we choose to engage in it and trust God to intervene in any situation, including Christians who are right now going through persecutions.
Persecuted Christians, no matter which country they are from, do not ask us to pray that the persecution would end but rather ask us to pray for them to stand strong through the persecution. They do not wish to be delivered from the persecution, but rather ask us to pray that they would be able to overcome the trials,they are facing in a way that is honoring to God.
1 Corinthians 12:26
If one part suffers, every part suffers with it; if one part is honored, every part rejoices with it.

Matthew 24:4

And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come.

When you pray for others God listens to you and blesses them,so when you are safe and happy remember that someone is praying for you.


Love You And Am Praying For you.


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