Don’t pack your life at the Bus Stop.


We have so many opportunities presented to us on a daily basis either positive or negative, but how we respond to them determines the outcome of our lives. Most of us, expect opportunities to present themselves the way we have heard from other people experiences, truth be told that hardly happens.

God has His own way of giving us opportunities, some teach and train us for our next levels, others are divine connections with people, who will usher us into our destinies and others are tests in preparing us for the tasks ahead.

I believe, we have met people whom when growing up seemed to be very smart, swift, strong, very popular but that did not guarantee them success .The way we respond to life’s occurrences determines our success in life. In Genesis 40 and Genesis 41 we learn that Joseph was a great dreamer, who was sold out by his brothers to be a slave. He went through great challenges, until one opportunity with the Butler in prison propelled Him to meet with Pharaoh and later on became the Prime minister in Egypt. While in Prison, his dreams had not yet been fulfilled but he seized an opportunity to interpret the butlers dream. We learn the Butler’s dream materialized and unfortunately he forgot Joseph, despite of assuring him that he would remember him, once He’s restored at the Palace. Joseph  never got discouraged from interpreting other people’s dreams; he still believed what God had told Him one day would be a reality. As the whole story unfolds, Joseph encounter with the King did not present itself the way we read in fairy tales but in challenges

.Great champions in the making,sow seeds in doing good to other people you never know who would tell your story to the King, that one person can speak for you in a strategic place.

Listen “No Public relation could have moved Joseph into the palace except the butler”. Treat people well don’t be nasty because some people treated you unfairly. You can’t be stuck in one place because you were not treated well. Joseph was treated unfairly but that did not stop him, from delivering his brothers who had sold him and his people from famine. In our journey in fulfilling our God given purpose, no Human Being is Indispensable, let those who are going go!! And those who are coming come;

Don’€™t shut people out of your life because of how some people treated you…..

Opportunities can either present themselves in three Phases:-
1) In Calamity
2) Through Challenges
3) Your Calling.
Whichever way opportunities present themselves, seize them and give your best shot. Doors of opportunities have a life line to -open and close permanently. Stop being stuck and press forward towards your greatness. God has a new door for you, stop looking at the closed doors and look at the ones He is opening.

Ecclesiastes 9:11

The race is not to the swift, Nor the battle to the strong,Nor bread to the wise,Nor riches to men of understanding,Nor favor to men of skill;But time and chance happen to them all

You Are Special In God’s Eyes…………………
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