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Hallo Beautiful Queens,
I know being a single lady and knowing your real identity in Christ it’s amazing,you are busy seeking God, enjoying your life and fulfilling the assignments He has commissioned you, as you wait for your God given spouse. I believe most of us have a God given desire to get married one day, have a family and fulfill our purposes right!!! Am delighted to share a prayer with you, for the journey ahead towards marriage.My prayer is, it will open your eyes and Know marriage is an institution ordained by God for His glory.Let us trust Him in preparing us for the task ahead:.

Decree and Declare the following prayer and believe God will do it:-

  • I decree and declare that I am a virtuous woman, that whoever finds me finds a good thing.

  • I decree and declare that, my husband shall find me and obtain favor with the Lord.

  • He shall have full confidence in me and shall lack nothing of value. I shall bring him good and not harm all the days of my life

  • I decree and declare that my children shall call me blessed and my husband shall praise me.

  • I decree and declare that I shall watch over the affairs of my household and shall not eat the bread of laziness for many women will do noble things but I shall surpass them all.

  • I decree and declare that I shall get my reward and my works shall bring praise to me to the glory and honor of God.

  • With my hands I shall build my house and by no means shall I or anyone destroy it for the Lord shall be the keeper of my life, husband, children and personage.

  • I decree and declare that my husband shall be a man of wisdom and understanding, a man of integrity and character, a man who is like a city who’s Architect and Builder is the Lord God Himself.

  • He shall not stray from the path of understanding nor in the folly of life, my husband shall be submitted to God all the days of his life.

  • I decree and declare that no weapon fashioned against him shall prosper.

  • He shall rejoice in me and shall be satisfied only with me all the days of His life.

  • No one shall lead him astray for wisdom shall guard his ways and understanding shall keep him away from folly.

  • My husband shall walk in the fear of the Lord all the days of His life and will fulfill God’s will and purpose.

  • My husband shall rule over our family with wisdom and shall be a good father to our children.

  • He shall meet and surpass all my expectations for a husband as the Lord will be with him in all his ways.

  • All divine doors will be opened before Him and he will prosper in all he does. Favor shall be his portion and shield.

  • Father, use him for your glory. Lead him where you want him to go to accomplish your purposes only. I surrender him to you even now in Jesus name.

  • I decree and declare that my children and my children’s children shall not lack and they shall live for you Jesus all the days of their lives.

  • I submit the generations after me to You Almighty God, we are your people. We will forever be called by your name.

  • Reveal yourself to every member of my family and my generation in Jesus name.

  • My parents, my siblings, my own family to come and even in my extended family  to come; be our Lord and our Savior Jesus Christ

  • I declare You are King in my life and of my household.

Amen, amen and Amen.

Proverbs 18:22

He who finds a wife finds a good thing,And obtains favor from the Lord.

God Desires The Best For You…………………
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