Welcome Beautiful February

Happy new month Beautiful people, I know most of us have an expectation from God doing great and mighty things, during this season of restoration of all things but
1.What is your attitude as you wait on God to restore your finances, your marriage, your health, your children, your career or whatever it is that is not in alignment? Are you complaining, are you bitter, are you negative or are you embracing an attitude of thanksgiving and hope?
2.Who are you listening to in your season of waiting? Are your friends or family members, persuading you to give up or compromise because nothing seems to be falling into place in your life? Or are you paying attention to what God is saying in regards to your situation?
3.What kind of exposure are you exposing yourself to, as you wait on God to restore you? Are you spending most of your time on social media, watching TV, hanging out with people who spew negative vibes or gambling, instead of getting your face on God’s word, reading great books, attending seminars and hanging out with positive people who develop you, empower you and encourage in becoming better?

Job’s attitude towards God never changed despite of what He lost, his own wife challenging him to curse God, his health deteriorating and his friends walking out on him. He still judged God faithful, as he waited on Him to restore him.

It might seem like things are dragging in your own eyes but God has already inscribed you in the palm of His hands, His word has gone ahead of you, He understands your pain and knows what’s best for you. May you experience God’s favor during this 2nd month of 2019 and may God exceed your expectations.
Love ReinaBeaty
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