Moab Has Nothing New To Offer.

It really amazes me whenever I meditate on the life style of Naomi, Ruth and Orpah in the Book of Ruth. Three different women, going through almost the same pain of loss but their choices have different outcomes at the end. In Ruth 1 we have a clear description of how Naomi, her Husband and two sons move from Bethlehem to moab due to famine. In a span of 10 years, her husband dies and her two sons marry women from Moab but they eventually die also. Naomi is left a widow, no children of her own and two daughters in laws Ruth and Orpah.
We learn that, Naomi asks her daughters in law to return to their people, they first decline but after some thinking Orpah makes a choice to go back to her people and the gods of Moab. On the other hand, Ruth makes a tough choice to follow Naomi, embrace her people and worship the true God of  Israel ‘Yahweh’ .Ruth’s response is a powerful example, of how we are to give allegiance to God even when we do not know what the future holds. God sometimes works in unexpected ways, to show His power and reveal His love.
This story about these three women, it’s very relevant in our lives today. Many people after they accept Jesus Christ as their personal savior, they find it hard to stand when faced with trials and challenges, just like Orpah, they go back to their old lifestyles because they just can’t trust  Jesus in helping them out. They end up doing whatever they think is justified to them, to be able to fit in the society or compromise their integrity to meet their desires like having a good car, a good house, getting married, getting promoted at work but outside the will of God.
When we reflect on Ruth, she took a step of faith and loyalty to follow her mother in law, knowing very well she could not get a son from her to marry and give her grandchildren. Due to Ruth’s loyalty and commitment, God gave her another chance to get married to an influential man in Bethlehem (Boaz). They were blessed with a son Obed, who became the grandfather to King David and from this lineage we have King Jesus. Despite of Ruth’s status, as a non-Israelite, little did she know she had a great seed within her which carried the lineage of Jesus Christ our savior.

No matter what you have gone through, don’t  try to go back to Moab (Past life) .God is preserving you because of the seed within you and the harvest it will produce for His kingdom business  .

Listen champions we never hear of Orpah again, after she made a choice to go back to Moab and its gods because Moab (Past Life)had nothing new to offer.

We don’t have to be prisoners of the past because God’s purpose for us is never limited by our past mistakes. God in His manifold wisdom,specializes in giving people a fresh start

Psalms 32:1

Blessed is he whose transgression is forgiven,Whose sin is covered.


God Desires The Best For You.👌🏾


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That was one of your powerful scripts I have read. Keep up girl and God bless.