Strategies the Enemy Uses to Stop You.


Happy Friday Beautiful people, i believe any believer in the body of Christ, desires to accomplish his/her assignment here on Earth right. However, in our walk of fulling assignment, we are faced by different challenges which seem to derail or stop us In my recent study and research on how to stay focused in our journey, i came across a profound article by Apostle Guillermo Maldonado Strategies the Enemy Uses to Stop You. It was such an eye opener for me and I thought of sharing it on this plat form, since I believe it will minister powerfully, to anyone struggling with staying focused.
The enemy knows that we will not be burned out unless we are worn out first. That is why the enemy always repeats distraction, disappointment, criticism, betrayal, temptations, persecutions and accusations again and again.

1.) Distractions:

A distraction is anything that prevents us from moving towards our destiny, goal, call, and purpose in life. It can come in a form of a person, thing, or a place.
In order to refocus we need to set our mind on heaven and on the things above. We need to know who we are in God, as a son or daughter.
Our mind and our focus is connected. Our mindset determines our purpose. Wherever our mind is set, fixed, and established is the place where our focus will be. If our mindset is on our goal, call, or purpose, then our focus will also be on those things. We need to focus again on God’s original intent for us.

2.) Disappointments:

Being disappointed gets you mentally, spiritually and emotionally sick. At that moment you become vulnerable and, in that vulnerability,, the devil will come with fiery darts – thoughts, that will poison you. Disappointment leads to depression. It will lessen your faith and open doors to sorrow and grief. 
What do you do when you are disappointed? 
“above all, taking the shield of faith with which you will be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked one” – Eph 6:16
You have to lift up the shield of faith. Don’t get distracted don’t get disappointed because what God has promised you, the dream, the vision, the promise, the word it is coming!
In this season do not get disappointed, people and places have disappointed you but God is with you. You are to arise again. Lift up your shield.
Declare: “Every spirit of distraction and disappointments, go! In the name of Jesus, I lift up my shield of faith! God is good!” 

3.) Criticism:

It is the greatest silent companion of every great man/woman of God.If you want to be in leadership you have to be ready for criticism. 

4.) Betrayal:

It comes to stop you. The first betrayals are painful because you give your life, your love, your time believing in people. But those people betray you.
Jesus believed in Judas. Judas was exposed to all the power and presence of Jesus, but he never changed. Betrayal can cause you to feel guilt. You question what you did wrong. But if you loved and believed in that person, then they are the Judas. Don’t cry over them because God has a Timothy coming your way.

5.) Temptations:

It is to lead you to disobey God.
All temptations are based on your corrupt desires. Satan isn’t God. He doesn’t know you but he studies you. He knows your weakness and brings temptations in the right time in the area you are weakest.
You have to surrender to Jesus every corrupt desire. Resist the temptation. God will give you the strength to break free from temptations. A sign that a person has been delivered, is they no longer have the desire for the thing they desired before.

6.) Persecution:

It is to stop your progress and your expansion.When you stop doing something because you have been persecuted, there are consequences. God will remove His influence and anointing. Don’t let persecution stop you from advancing.

7.) Accusations:

It comes to destroy your reputation and your testimony. Learn to go to God. Jesus was accused but that didn’t stop Him. If you want to walk in the visible blessings of God you must be ready to be persecuted and accused. But remember you have the power of God within you.
Whatever you are going through, God has given you the tools and the power to overcome them. Don’t allow the strategies the enemy uses to stop you. You are called to go above and beyond. Cast your problems to God. Be free today! Declare His word over your life and take your freedom, your blessing, your expansion by force!



Love ReinaBeaty


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