Manifest Your Gift


Manifest your gift champion, God has equipped you for that,
there is a desire, there is a longing, and yes,
you have what it takes within you to manifest your gift.
Procrastination, fear, insecurity and pride,
are waiting along a curvy and a wide path,
but are you undecided to be enticed by them?


You have prayed, you have seen it, you have dreamed about it,
You have written about it and vocalized it,
but are you willing to take the first step to refine yourself?
Nobody likes half cooked meals,
Neither can anyone stand burnt offerings!
Can you relate that your gift is not all about you?
Choices, relationships and opinions,
are lobbying for you, but are you willing?
are you willing to make the right move?
The right move to embrace the right ones?
Criticism, shortcuts, comparison and approval of men,
are suggesting you can’t walk the walk of integrity.
but are you warming up around them?
are you giving them a glimpse?
A glimpse you might need their approval?
Are you still meditating on how you will manifest your gift?
Discipline, honesty, diligence and commitment
are knocking at your door,
but will your open your heart for them?
for them to occupy the essence of your being?
Are you ignoring them?
or have you welcomed them into your habitation?
Yes, they will guide you through a narrow path,
but their end will lead you to a life of victory, impact, peace, and happiness.
Consistency, commitment and passion,
they are like fresh air in a room, urging you to take notice of them,
but are you full of excuses and drama?
denying them access to the formation of your character?
Yes! the world is waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God,
But are you willing to manifest your gift?
Are you willing to manifest the best version of you?


Love ReinaBeaty.

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