Carriers Of Greatness



From our current constitution to our culture, a lot has evolved in our modern-day perception about women. Back in the day especially in our African culture, misogyny among women was callous, disparaging and uncouth. Women did not have a voice, they were only deemed as home makers who never had rights to led in the society, attain formal education, preach the gospel or inherit property from their Fathers. Any woman who broke barriers that hindered her potential from becoming an asset in the society, was deemed a rebel but in real sense, she vouched her resilience to open up a revolution we are enjoying today as women.
After attending a powerful woman’s guild conference at P.C.E.A Thogoto Church, my maternal grandmother would be chauffeured home in Nairobi by my Uncle,” her son” on a daily basis for a whole week. We always looked forward to her visits which were filled with so much joy and chats that would at times extend past mid-night. We got excited when she would narrate to us her life story as a young woman and how she got to learn how to read and write, during an era when education was deemed as a taboo for women.
Her journey in breaking forth a barrier in her family which was a polygamous family, was not a walk in the park, she had to run away from home with her older sister who was a strong willed woman and attend a mission school at Thogoto, Kiambu  Their decision to test uncharted waters that would cause so  much friction between their parents ,was just a beginning of a transition which mobilized younger women in their village into following their footsteps later on ,to pursue education. In our modern day, I would call it a prison break from barriers that hindered women from birthing their potential.
Education was a powerful medium that exposed their young minds into discovering who they really were as women, what they carried within them and how they would use their voice to be a heard in a generation that was plagued with oppressive traditions like female circumcision, wife inheritance, physical abuse and early marriages. Their stay at Thogoto Missions school transformed their minds in such a sturdy way which influenced their decisions later on in life as wives, mothers and entrepreneurs. My maternal grandmother’s individuation, advocated education among her children and none of her daughters went through insidious traditions like female circumcision or early marriages. Am beholden how she birthed a strong move among women in her lineage and left behind such a rich legacy after her death in May 2015 at a good old age.
No matter where you are coming from, your education level or your status as a woman, am fully persuaded we all have the potential of birthing a new move in our current generation that will effect change. We are in the last days and it’s our mandate as women, to understand we were created in the image of God to express His rule and reign in our societies and spheres of our influence in our feminine form.

We are vision carriers who ought to bring out the best in others by our tenacity to birth forth what is already deposited within us.

Our level of apprehension of what we carry within us, should be a catalyst that ignites our spiritual womb to pursue our dreams and goals until we bear fruit. I am meant to understand, any expectant woman looking forward to give birth to a healthy child, is always at a place of making sure the unborn baby is well taken care of, which is solely dependent on how she takes care of herself. mentally, emotionally and physically. This also applies to any person who is looking forward to birth forth a change, a dream, a vision, an idea or a gift .We all have to be intentional in sharpening our skills by learning ,exposing our minds to greatness ,stepping out in faith, walking in obedience and networking with people who will offer us wise counsel, that will help us sustain our dreams from any form of miscarriage.
The greatest thing that can happen to us women at this particular time in our lives and the most powerful source of empowerment we can possess, is discovering our position to complete men and not compete with men. Our submission is never weakness but power submitting under authority.

We are called to build, to birth, to nurture and not to destroy what God has already established which is His order.

As last days women, we need to be fully aware we are carriers of greatness within our system by which new things come from concept to conception and our feminine design reveals our purpose. When we see a car, a train or an airplane, we fully understand the purpose and intention of the manufacturer just by looking at them right!!! The same applies when we look at our physical structure as women and the mind of God is revealed concerning the purpose we were designed to fulfill. No one on this entire world, in generations to come or generations which have passed will ever be like you. You are the only one God will manifest His power, His glory, His Heart and His agenda in such a unique way, you are the only one in your makeshift form as a woman, who will make an impact in this generation in a special way.
Am 101% sure, if my maternal grandmother would have focused on her surroundings and the traditions of the day, my family lineage would not be the way it is today in regards to women. The same applies to you and I, if we fail to push what is within us, if we fail to get out of our comfortable places, we will never discover what lies within us that will effect change. We are more than what we’ve gone through, we are more than what people say or think about us, we are more than what we’ve done or known and we are more than what we are currently facing in life.

Parting Shot: –

We are women destined to birth forth a shift in our families, in our marriages, in our nation, in our careers, in our government institutions, in leadership, in politics and also in our churches. The power lies within us.


Love ReinaBeaty

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