Seasons Of Obscurity.

Happy new week Beautiful people, while studying over the weekend , I came across such a liberating article by Christine Cain, that I believe posting it here will have a positive impact on anyone who feels overlooked.
Do you remember what David’s journey was like before he became King of Israel? When David was anointed by God to take on that role, he was still a young kid whose main responsibility was to take care of his family’s sheep. He was serving in obscurity, most of the time working alone and far away from all of the exciting action.
Do you ever feel like David—like your work goes unnoticed or is done in isolation? When I first started out in ministry, I spent hours cleaning bathrooms, mopping floors, and serving behind the scenes. It was easy to feel unseen and disregarded by others at times. But just as God saw David out in the fields, He sees you and me no matter how obscure our role feels.
And if we want to fulfill all God has for us in our lives, we must push through those seasons of obscurity with faith and hope. But how?
Trust God’s Plan. Regardless of what today looks like, remember that you are never unseen or forgotten by God. Even when you can’t fully see the path ahead, trust that He has a specific, unique plan for your life.
Trust God’s Place. God has assigned you to your current place and He will look for you there when it’s time for your work to be recognized. Don’t dismiss your place today just because it feels obscure or overlooked.
Trust God’s Timing. In today’s world, we have come to expect instant gratification. But God will always have work to do in us before He works through us. It was true for David and it’s true for you too. Trust that He is using your today to prepare you for your tomorrow.
This week, remember that God knows your name, your heart, your giftedness, and your potential, and He will propel you into your purpose when the time is right.

Love ReinaBeaty

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