Looking for Love.

For the past few days, I have noticed its money minting season for businesses that deal with hospitality and gifts shops. Most companies are advertising with an assurance of amazing deals, if couples spend their money,during this season. Advertisements on social media, newspapers to your own television, they are busy showcasing how people can enjoy exquisite dinners, to traveling to romantic destinations at affordable rates. To crown it all, you are single and when you hang out with your girlfriends, who are either married or dating, all they seem to talk about is, where they are being taken for valentines, their expectations of how they will be treated. Due to negative influence and all kinds of pressures which stem from valentines period, you decide to have a random date with a random guy.?
You don’t want to be lonely during this period, you don’t want your girlfriends to intimidate you with all the lavish gifts , you still want to post on your social networks to make an impression ,you got a guy and hallo!!! You want to make a statement of how,you were treated like a queen on Valentine ’s Day. Am here on a mission, to wake you up from your slumber land. Looking for love in all the wrong places, it’s just like planning for a real time bomb to explode in your life. This random guy whom you met on social media, who told you he is your man???
God is the one who connects us with our spouses, when we are ready and not when we are lonely. I know there are couples that are happily married,after meeting up on social media but that does not mean because it happened to someone else, it will work out for you.Love yourself to the point, you will not allow influence from the outside, to direct the choices you make in life. You should not feel less than or incomplete as a single lady,you are complete and whole in Jesus Christ, who is your identity.Stop looking for a quick fix date with someone who can’t complete you in the first place!!! Valentines it’s just one day!!Yes, one day and you should not blow your self-worth out of proportion because of one day!!

Wait for God’s time to connect you with your man; He is working on right now. Don’t short change God’s plan over your life because you feel lonely!!!! Decide to believe the God of the bible not the god of your feelings. The enemy works through feelings to deceive most people. Many young beautiful girls end up losing their self-worth, virginity, getting pregnant, all because they are lonely.

Don’t rush into things just because your friends have boyfriends or your family members are always asking you where is the man??? Don’t you know God has kept you because the man He is preparing for you is special? Your season of singleness is not an accident but an amazing season,you discover your purpose and God prepares you for marriage .If you can’t submit or be satisfied in God,who is perfect ,how on Earth will you submit or get satisfied with a man who is imperfect during marriage, which is a life long commitment ?? Stop looking for a random guy, to fill that loneliness which can only be filled by God. Focus on your goals and rebuilding your life. The right person will eventually find his way to you, when you are busy minding your own business.
Stop this non-sense I want to be in a relationship for convenience, what convenience honey??? God did not take His precious time to create you with all the beauty, to be with someone for convenience. Get into a relationship which is purpose driven, to fulfill God’s agenda in your life and your spouse life.

Reality Check:- Relationships birthed from convenience, are rooted from selfish desires and people involved with partners who are after their own selfish needs, end up enduring life than enjoying it. May the almighty God, connect you with a life partner who will love you for you and not who will be with you for convenience.

Life offers opportunities at different times, mostly when we least expect. Take your precious time and make use of this valentine’s period, in celebrating yourself and your loved ones. Any pressure and desperation that amounts from your current status, will only lead you to a miserable relationship, which will waste your precious self and time.
It’s my prayer that all singles ladies out there, will discover this truth ‘’God loves you to the point, He desires the very best for you”. He has not kept you single, for you to settle for a random man, who is not in line with God’s purpose over your life? He’s working on you, as well as your partner, wherever He is, for His purpose to be fulfilled over your life and generations after you.

Heavenly Father, thank you for each and every single lady out there, I know without a shadow of doubt, you have an amazing plan over their lives. I ask you dear Lord, to continually preserve them for their life partners and fill the voids in their hearts that make them feel lonely. Teach them how to be content with their season of singleness and how to enjoy this season. I ask you Lord ,as they focus on becoming the best version of whom You created them to be, you will align them with their spouses for the glory and honor of your name. Thank you Jesus for marriages that will be birthed from walking in purity and i thank you soo much for generations that will be birthed that are after your own heart. In Jesus mighty name I do pray and believe. Amen! Amen! Amen.


Love you so much Beautiful Queens and am praying for you.


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