I have been there too

Back in High school, I simply had an interesting transition through my teenage years. There were a lot of influences either positive or negative, which I had a choice to follow. My Parents saw it fit for all kids in the family, to enroll in boarding school for secondary education.Basically after primary level, we were all prepared psychologically for the transition.Looking back, the four years were interesting with a fair share of challenges, from learning to stay away from home, cleaning and organizing myself, managing my pocket money for the whole term and if i got into any trouble, i had to face punishment without my parents intervention. For me this was not what I envisioned while In Primary School, I thought boarding school was all fun with no challenges.
This post I’ll be real, so that young high school teens will stop thinking, what they are experiencing is new .Young girls and young boys out there, whatever you might be going through from peer pressure to thinking you are not being understood by your parents, it’s only a stage in  life that most of  us, who are of age have been through. For me being in boarding school ,i experienced a lot of peer pressure and out of untamed curiosity ,i ended up looking at things which i had no business at looking. I recall categorically, during one of our school holidays while I was in form three, we used to go back to school for tuition holidays. Trust me; I really disliked this whole arrangement by the administration, which was mandatory to attend. The lessons were not as rigid as the normal school term, so we had more free time to relax in our dormitories and do some cleaning.
So one day, while relaxing in the dormitory, I noticed a group of girls gathering around a certain corner, where one girl was actually showing them something, which i got curious about. All girls were really getting excited by what they were being shown. So my curiosity got the better part of me and i went where they were, to peep and see what is this that everybody was getting excited about. To my uttermost amusement, i saw something i had never seen before, it was a play boy magazine which had the worst images, i had ever seen in my entire life.
I loved Jesus, I had heard about not engaging in pre-marital sex with boys,i had a rough idea about pornography and right there i knew deep within me, i had exposed myself to something damaging. For days those images, were flooding my mind and i simply didn’t know whom to turn to and explain my predicament. The gap between the teachers and the students in school was so huge; i mean no one could confide to any teacher. I knew that was a territory, which was a ‘NO  GO  ZONE’ , for fear of being intimidated  or worse being judged. Coming to my parents, that was a topic I did not know how to start. The issue of sex for me had been corrupted and I kept that whole struggle within me.
My deliverance  came, when I actually attended a youth seminar at my home church, where the speaker was speaking about the dangers of pornography, who was so real about the whole issue. Along the way, I learn’t how to get my self busy in my hobbies from drawing to attending youth  functions during school holidays and along the way, my mind shifted away from immoral thoughts to positive thoughts. Does that mean I never struggled? No I did. Does that mean I engaged in immorality because of what I had exposed myself to, due to my curiosity? Absolutely not. In real sense, I became more cautious with what I exposed myself to and with whom I hanged out with. Does that mean I was a perfect teen? Absolutely not! Peer pressure is real, pornography is real, homosexuality is real and alcoholism is real among teens.
To all teens who are struggling with such yokes, don’t wallow alone and allow that habit or struggle to get the better part of you and destroy you. Look for someone who you are free with and you can confide in. Truth be told, creating fear as a parent, guardian or teacher with the intent that these kids will respect you, you will only be shocked by how far they will rebel. We all choose to confide, to people who we can trust and are vulnerable to right!!. So how do you expect that young teen to confide in you, if you are not a close friend? To all parents, guardians, teachers and all upcoming parents, let’s reach out to these young teens by spending more time with them and being authentic, which will help bridge the existing gap.Struggles are real and if they are dealt with early, a lot of young people will be free from some strongholds and addictions.

For any teen that is looking for someone to talk to, kindly feel free to talk to me through the Prayer contact form . I’ll be more than happy to reach out. I have been there; I have struggled so I understand.

Love You And Am Praying For You🙏🏿
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