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Do you know nobody made an application in which kind of family to belong to? We all found ourselves existing in a particular family set up. No matter the back ground you came from, be it a wealthy or a poor back ground, you had no choice and you had to accept the circumstances that you found yourself in .No matter how your parents or siblings are, you will never say they are not your people. You can’t wake up one morning and tell God, you want a particular family to be your blood family??That won’t happen. God chose you to be associated with your family, just the way they are, it does not matter whether you were adopted, the reality is, God never created you to be an island. Our family members are God’s gifts to us, who are not perfect but it’s our duty to love, respect, care and value them for who they are.
Looking at the perceptive of our biological family, there is another larger aspect for us Christians having a spiritual family. We don’t choose our brethren in Christ, we are imperfect, who share one Lord, one body one Spirit, one faith and the same salvation.
On this post, i will focus on situations that people walk out of their spiritual family because they were offended or disappointed. One thing you need to understand is, you are the church as an individual, the place you go to fellowship is a building that other Christians like you also attend, to have fellowship. You as an individual, you are imperfect so don’t expect to find a perfect church. Some Christians will disappoint you and let you down but that’s not an excuse to stop having fellowship with them. Get this from me, the church is made up of real sinners, including you, so don’t expect a holy than thou congregation, when God leads you to join a particular gathering. You opting to walk away from your church and criticizing how the church should be, comparing and judging how the services should be from others, is a real evidence of immaturity. God’s word is very clear in Romans 14:4 Who are you to judge the servant of another? Before his own master he stands (approved) or falls (out of favor). And he(who serves the Master—the Lord)will stand, for the Lord is able to make him stand.
How will you grow, if you keep on jumping from one church to another??You don’t want to be corrected; you don’t want to learn the aspect of forgiveness, you are busy judging and condemning, how on earth will you be fruitful to reach out to the lost? A critical spirit is such a costly vice. You will be so shocked to find, every church has its own sets of weaknesses and you will end up being disappointed when you realize, the church you joined in search of a perfect church, has imperfect people just like you.I have blogged an amazing post Change Your Attitude here,i recommend it to all by blog readers.
Reconciliation and not running away is the road to a deeper fellowship and unity. All gatherings, where people fellowship, you will find people from all walks of life with different personalities, backgrounds and preferences. It’s the work of the devil to criticize members of God’s family and whenever you do the same, you are being duped into helping the devil in his agenda of dividing the church of Christ. Honey!!!The world system is busy pursuing its agenda, of corrupting God’s word over mankind. As Christians, we don’t have the luxury of time to, keep on fighting each other but to grow and be united to reach out to the lost and fulfill God’s Agenda.
You must make a choice to love the church of Christ in spite of its imperfections!!!We all need grace, we are all sinners and sure enough, we all want to grow. I challenge you to accept your responsibility to protect the unity of your church. It will not always be easy, sometimes you will have to do what’s best for the body of Christ not yourself.The church is a hospital with people who have gone through issues,others are literally going through tough seasons in their lives, so you expecting people to be perfect is out right unrealistic.
When Christ will come for His church, He ain’t coming for a particular denomination; He is coming for a unified church. You attend a church to have fellowship with other people, to worship God and to be feed spiritually by the man /woman, God has appointed /anointed to shepherd you.

Take note:-Attending a church service and serving Him, is purely meant to equip you, to be effective for Jesus outside the four walls of the church.If you are busy hunting for a perfect church, you are busy wasting God’s time to mold and nurture you to be effective for His Kingdom business. Whatever reason that might lead you to leave any congregation that you used to fellowship,make a choice to pray for the body of Christ than being critical and you will be so shocked, how God will change your heart towards His people.

Mirror on God’s Truth on having fellowship with others:-

Romans 14:10

But you, why do you criticize your brother? Or you again, why do you look down on your (believing)brother or regard him with contempt? For we will all stand before the judgment seat of God (who alone is judge)

Romans 14:19

So then, let us pursue (with enthusiasm) the things which make for peace and the building up of one another (things which lead to spiritual growth)
God Desires The Best For You🎀
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