Unconditional love;-God’s true nature.

Most people around the world have failed to embrace the love of God as they hardly know about Him. Some believe in the traditions of their ancestors, others have experienced painful series of rejection and abuse in their lives which have led them to fail in believing there is a God who loves them unconditionally and desires the best for them. Today i will focus on an interesting woman in the bible that God gave another Chance and it’s none other than Rahab.
In Joshua 2 we read that she was a well-known prostitute in Jericho and her business was not given any honor like being an engineer, a doctor, a lawyer or a teacher. God choosing to order the steps of the two spies direct to her house, is an indicator that He can use anybody to accomplish His purpose here on earth.
Coming to think of Rahab’s childhood,she was not born a harlot, she was a decent little girl in the city of Jericho, who had an amazing heart, a beautiful spirit, full of life, i mean small children are totally adorable and innocent until something happens to them when they are growing or their identity is crushed and they end up messing their lives when they become grown Men or women, as it was the case of Rahab. We hardly know, how she got herself into such a dishonorable business but she did and we learn that deep within her she was hospitable, merciful and a woman of faith during her encounter with the spies which led her to heeding God’s voice in saving the spies from her own people.
Later on during Jericho’s attack, her family is saved from destruction and she eventually gets married and becomes a family woman and this clearly indicates God delivered and gave her another chance to become a wife to Salmon, a mother to Boaz and from her genealogy we have King Jesus. What an interesting ending.
I believe there is someone who will read this post who has walked away from God due to what he/she did.Regardless of what you have done God loves you dangerously, so stop walking in condemnation and guilt.God’s love for you does not change because of your past mistakes, he is just waiting on you to receive His love. Love changes a lot of things God is not waiting with a whip to hit you because of what you have done wrong, all He desires is for you to embrace His love and be delivered.
In Luke 15:11-32  We have another interesting  story of the prodigal Son,Jesus was portraying how God loves us and He is always waiting for a non-beleiver to know Him and embrace His Love.The fatherhood in this chapter, shows how God’s love is amazing.Despite of the prodigal son blowing up all His inheritance, his father  still welcomed him back to His home because His love for his son never changed. His father kept on waiting for his son day after day hoping that he would return and when he did, he held a big feast for him and that’s the same love our heavenly father has towards us.
Stop looking at how other Christians are living and you keep on convincing yourself, you would rather be a sinner than a hypocritical believer, get this from me, even the Christian believers that you see today acting funny, they are still God’s children.The fact that they have accepted Jesus as their personal savior, it’s a result for their desire for Him to work on their weakness.
Nobody in the face of the earth is perfect, no matter how a river Is polluted,once you follow the course of its flow you will discover it is clean at its source. Jesus Christ is our source ,He desires to purify us and mold us to be like Him because his nature is LOVE. When I recommitted my life back to Jesus eight years ago, i had searched for love and acceptance in all the wrong places and i ended up being hurt, abused and used,trust me when i tell you, i was such a mess. In all my mess and confusion, God’s love for me never changed, He still gave me another chance to have fellowship with Him.
Today when I reflect on His love, am over whelmed with tears of gratitude. I know and I know without a shadow of doubt, i can count on Him, when am all alone and things ain’t working out. I know I can count on His love for eternity, even though friends and family may seem far away. Money, Fame, power, Drugs alcohol, sex, going out for clubbing or whatever you try to do to make yourself happy and feel loved, will never ever satisfy the void within you, only God can fill that void.
To all my Family in faith, let us love all sinners and preach to them about Jesus by the lifestyles we led. Being intentional with a positive motive, with no shades of gray,non-believers will see Christ in us and desire Him in their lives to. In Luke 15:1-6 Jesus Himself spent time and preached to sinners, He never segregated them as the Pharisees did. I know some people have been disappointed by some church folks and have created a heart of resentment towards the church but that should never not stop us, as believers from reaching out to them.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

God never shows partiality to anybody,He loves us all and is willing to give,

anyone who has messed up another chance.Because

He is Love.

God Loves You Unconditionally .
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