Champions Build Bridges.

It’s interesting, how simple situations can teach us how to handle tough situations. I come from a big city in Kenya known as Nairobi. During the day a lot of activities happen, from people rushing to their destinations, to buses with crazy loud music dropping off people and businesses going on as usual. There are these small business people, who open up their shops along the streets known as cobblers; they repair shoes in case your shoe gets spoilt, while rushing to wherever you are going. Due to the hustle and bustle of rushing to work, there was this particular cobbler i was used to, he used to do a good job whenever my shoes misbehaved and I ended up being his loyal client. During one of my visits to his shop, we had a small disagreement, after he failed to repair my shoe on time yet i had paid him. I was just pissed off!!! I asked him for my shoe and money and i contemplated within me “I’ll get another cobbler to do the job he ain’t the only one”. After three days, while walking home with my colleagues from work, my shoe accidentally got spoilt again and i had no choice but to go back to the same cobbler i had disagreed with, as there were no cobblers near the vicinity. I felt so embarrassed, telling him to repair my shoe and in a split of seconds, my best friend Holy Spirit ministered to me,”Beaty if only you had been patient with this man you would not be feeling embarrassed try and be lenient with people nobody is perfect”. The cobbler did a good job and i was just like, “Jesus am more than willing to learn from you”.
How many times have you come across  situations when someone disappointed you, in failing to do something right or on time and you were done with them????i believe several times, but God desires us to give people another chance to do things right, as He does that on a daily basis when we complain, doubt, fear or when we judge others which is wrong but He still gives us another chance to do things His way.
Some of you have brushed people off, that you end up meeting in places you never thought you would ever meet and you wish the earth would swallow you alive. Look at it this way, this person you parted ways in a bad way, is comfortably occupying an office and you need his/her assistance in doing something that is crucial ouch!! You never saw that coming but you must face it. Mountains never meet honey!! but we human beings eventually meet once in a blue moon. Try and make sure even though somebody treated you unfairly?? Part in a way that is honorable, because you simply don’t know if you will meet each other again, in circumstances that you will need each others help. In our Christian walk, you never know who is going to be meaningful to you in the future; nothing is worth cutting someone off completely. Even when you disagree with people that you relate with more often, they might abuse your trust or you just don’t get what you want. Taking the high road ensures that you’ll earn respect instead of hatred or spite. God gave Moses, Rahab and Zaccheaus the tax collector another chance, you to don’t be too quick to burn bridges give people another chance.

Cost of Building Bridges :







Every person you meet or engage with,presents an opportunity so be polite,positive and stop being defensive or petty.


I Love You All And Am Praying For You.🙏🏿

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