Silence that voice!!!!

At a very tender age, my mum really liked taking photos of us and I believe this was one of her most enjoyable hobby. Sunday’s was her set day to be the family photographer, we all waited eagerly and we would all go to church and later on for picnics after service which resulted to having fun filled photo sessions. I simply liked posing for snap shots, hello! You all know how young girls can be, when they know they are out right beautiful. I eventually became, a teen and adolescence had its fair share of ups and downs. Some boys in my elementary Class, begun to bully me around for my habit of smiling a lot.I simply didn’t understand why they criticized me,  yet since childhood I knew my God given dimples were beautiful to be displayed. Unfortunately low self-esteem crepped in and I stopped smiling because I didn’t want to be bullied .The whole scenario made me believe it’s wrong to smile a lot .So getting into adult hood, I never liked the idea of smiling at people or having photo shoots at all. After high school I got into a messy relationship, which literally destroyed the little self-esteem i had left within me. Can you believe i literally stopped admiring myself in the mirror? Things had moved spiral downwards and i was such a mess.
After an on and off relationship for five years, which was actually leading me to nowhere, I made a choice to walk away from it for good. That was the beginning of my journey to my re-commitment back to Christ. Let me be real! It was not an easy task for me to walk away from that messy relationship. God took me out Himself and worked on me the way He knew best. Yes! i was finally done with some messy stuff in my life, I thought to myself, but it was just the beginning of a new phase for God to restructure my character, self-esteem, attitude, spiritual growth, discipline and many other areas in my life. It was not an easy walk in the park but much of, going through fire and tears at the same time.Looking back, i have no regrets whatsoever and i can’t trade anything for what God allowed me to go through to be who i am today. Eventually, i became effective at my local church as an Usher and everything about me revolved around God and still does revolve around Him.
During one of the many high end co-operate events, where my Ushering services was required.I was extremly excited with God believing in me, that i had the capacity to handle people well, even outside the four walls of the church. While praying for this event, i was like. “God let your light shine through me when i usher people, that they may see you in me”. The Dday finally materialized and i was all set, to serve people as unto the Lord. During the photo sessions at the event, one of my colleagues we were serving with, just spoke to me in a negative way that made me wonder!!! Why on earth do you have to be so cruel to me, yet you have no rough idea of where am coming from?? i almost confronted Him, to give him a piece of my mind that some years back! i could not even pose to have a photo taken of me and now you are criticizing me to back off??Within a split of seconds, i was totally upset by his comments BUT my best friend Holy Spirit told me out right clear,”Beaty don’t pay any attention to such negative comments, i have really worked on you to be who you are today, be you and don’t try to be like anybody else liking”. I just smiled back at him, which i believe was not his expectations and i moved on with what i was doing like i never heard anything!!!The event went on well, i enjoyed myself while ushering people and in return they were delighted with my service, as i handled them well with a high level of excellence and professionalism. If i had yielded to those negative comments, that night for me would have been on the low because of what someone else said, which was not true and irrelevant.

Take Note-Someone’s opinion of you isn’t the reality… unless you decide to allow it!! You are who God says you are!!!

My few cents on reality check:-along the way when God is still working on you, some people will tend to bring you down or let me say ‘intimidate you’ to stop you from being who God wants you to be. Make up your mind to stay focused, on where God is taking you. Never allow, a negative comment from anyone to take root in your heart, as they have no business with what God is birthing inside of you>>>>.Today i enjoy taking photos of myself, eating healthy nonononono junk food and hello!!! Even dressing elegantly because i know am fearfully and wonderfully made by my Maker.
Every thought of believe begins with a word spoken which acts as a seed, so it’s up to you to uproot any negative thought or nourish it to grow within you.In the book of Psalms 118:8 It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in Man.Place your confidence in God and trust in Him than relying on man’s opinion.Allow God to led you and you’ll be surprised to encounter good success ahead.

Live a life that can be explained only by the existence of a God who is infinitely Great!!!

Lot’s Of Love…
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