You are divinely designed

Does God ever use a shy,uneducated,not so rich woman? Does He always choose the one voted “most likely to succeed?” When a woman desires to pursue her dreams and make it in the market place,in political leadership positions,in church ministry or making it in the co-operate ladder, she probably has preconceived ideas of what type of woman God would use.  One normally images the personality of the woman to include confidence, assertiveness, intelligence, and competence.But God has created each person with a personality and set of strengths and weaknesses that are designed for His purposes. Each woman must embrace her unique design from God.
Let’s look at four biblical women with distinct personalities, used by God, with a calling to leadership and influence.

The four distinguishing labels we will use are:

1. Powerful-Choleric,

2. Popular-Sanguine



Powerful (Choleric) — Deborah:–Judges 4,5.In a time of war and idolatry in Israel, God chose Deborah, a wife and a prophetess, as judge in Israel. After 20 years of oppression from the Canaanites, God spoke through Deborah to call Barak for the task of assembling an army to fight against the Canaanite army. Barak refused to lead the army alone, even though Deborah warned him that a woman would get the glory if he didn’t provide the needed leadership. From judging civil cases to bravely standing with a cowardly commander, Deborah gave the command to initiate the battle. This ultimately led to the Canaanite army’s defeat and their commander’s death.Deborah memorialized the victory in song. She described her rise to the position of “Mother for Israel.” She honored Jael, the woman who actually killed Sisera, climaxing the song by praising the Lord, “May they who love you be like the sun when it rises in its strength” (Judges 5:31).
Deborah was a strong spiritual and political leader. She was fearless in battle. People readily responded to her wisdom and guidance, and her leadership produced 40 years of peace for Israel.
The Powerful (Choleric) traits seen in Deborah: leader, decisive, focused, quick in responding, and independent. Some of the weaknesses as portrayed by Deborah: unemotional, impatient, dominating, and aggressive.
Popular (Sanguine) — Miriam:-Exodus 2:1-8; 15:20.21; Numbers 12.As a young girl, Miriam had a curious nature that caused her to watch as her little brother, Moses, was launched into the Nile. Without hesitation, Miriam initiated dialogue with Pharaoh’s daughter, volunteering to find a Hebrew woman to nurse the baby.Eighty years later, Moses directed the Israelites safely across the Red Sea. We again see Miriam initiating involvement with Moses. After Moses and the Israelites had sung a song to the Lord, “Miriam, the prophetess  took a tambourine in her hand and all the women followed her, with tambourines and dancing. Miriam sang to them: Sing to the Lord for he is highly exalted” (Exodus 15:20-21).Miriam and her brother later criticized Moses for having a Cushite wife, though the real issue was jealousy towards Moses. God punished Miriam by causing her to suddenly have a serious skin disease. After Moses interceded for her, she recovered. She is cited by Micah (Micah 6:4) as sent with Moses and Aaron to help the Israelites out of their slavery.The traits of a Popular (Sanguine) personality seen in Miriam: emotional, celebrative, attractive personality, and energetic. Some of the weaknesses of this personality as portrayed in Miriam: reactive, jealous, and self-centered.
Peaceful (Phlegmatic) — Esther:-Book of Esther.There is no record of Esther refusing or at least arguing with her adopted father as she was taken to the king’s harem at the fortress of Susa. Her personality soon won favor from the harem’s administrator. A year of pampering sounds wonderful, until one realizes the isolation and confinement this entailed. Esther submitted to the advice of the eunuch in charge of the harem while she was prepared for her presentation to the king.Esther showed amazing restraint, never revealing that she was a Jew. That same restraint was crucial in the timing of her interactions with the king concerning the upcoming annihilation of the Jews. It was not her beauty, but her courageous and loyal spirit that saved the lives of thousands of Jews.Peaceful (Phlegmatic) characteristics seen in Esther: patient, submissive, calm, quiet, reserved, and loyal. The weaknesses of her personality could have been unemotional, too shy, worried, and a lack of self-motivation.
Perfectionist (Melancholy) — Elizabeth:-Luke 1:5-25, 39-80.God chose a woman with great credentials, yet due to infertility, destined to a long delay in that fulfillment. She is described as “upright in the sight of God, observing all God’s commandments and regulations blamelessly” (verse 6). After she became pregnant, one learns of the disgrace she had felt all those years. Was her seclusion a protection against a possible miscarriage? Was it a time to reflect on this miraculous change in her body without insensitive comments from her community?When Mary journeyed to her Judean home, Elizabeth profusely praised Mary, even though she was much younger, not from a priestly family, and pregnant without a husband. Perhaps her ability to humbly declare Mary’s child as superior to her own only came from the years of waiting and obeying a God who hadn’t answered her heart’s cry.Elizabeth complied with Zechariah’s written wish to name their son John at his circumcision ceremony. She would be the one who would insure that John did not drink wine and would comply with the Nazirite vows. She would provide the home in which he “grew and became strong in spirit” (verse 80).The Perfectionist (Melancholy) traits found in Elizabeth: serious, self-sacrificing, sensitive, conscientious, unassuming, and faithful. The weaknesses of her personality were low self-esteem, overly private, inflexible.
Miriam needed a coquettish personality to skip up to the Egyptian princess and volunteer to find a nurse maid for Moses. Later, that same exuberant spirit would lead the women in celebrating the victory over the Egyptians. But consider if Esther would have had that same boisterous spirit in dealing with the king for the confrontation with Haman. What type of personality was needed for a woman to become the judge over Israel in a time of war and idolatry? Could one picture Deborah being the quiet-spirited woman, who had waited all of those years to finally be given news that her barren womb was to bear a son? Would she be the appropriate woman to nurture John in the Nazirite ways and prepare him for his ministry of reform and repentance?
The point is, to consider that God used women with various strengths and weaknesses for His purposes. He did not always choose the one we would have considered the logical choice, but He demonstrated His sovereign fulfillment through their lives. Perhaps this will encourage you to embrace and celebrate who you uniquely are and trust that God will use you to minister and influence others.

God has made every individual with distinct personalities and He will use each of us within the context of how He has designed us

One is not to apologize to God for how she was made, but surrender to Him and trust Him with His intentions and His creative call on one’s life.

God never wastes anything He did not give you abilities,interests,talents,personality or life experiences unless He intended to use them for His glory.

God Desires The Best For You 🎀
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