Huruma Out-Reach

Last Saturday 8th 04 2017 was such an amazing weekend for me.Some years back, i really had a deep desire to reach out to young girls  but i never knew how to go about it.Talk of process,God had to make sure i went through a series of trials and challenges, in order to work out on my attitude and character to enable me, to start this assignment at His perfect time.He had to stretch my faith and teach me, how to focus on Him and not on men.Learning for me does not stop, am still a student in God’s class willing to obey His instructions all the way in my life.
Finally!!!Last weekend my God given dream of reaching out to Teen girls and Teen mum’s through Beautiful Queens Out-Reach became a reality .Am totally amazed of how God can use what you have in your hands, through obedience to His instructions to touch and impact lives.So,who is a Beautiful Queen???Any woman who is willing to embrace her true identity in Christ as a Royal Diadem.Isaiah 62:3 You shall also be a crown of glory In the hand of the Lord,and a royal diadem, in the hand of your God , IS OUR THEME FOR THIS OUT-REACH.It does not matter where you are coming from ,what you have done or your current situation.God has better plans for you ,if  you would only rely on Him through thick and thin for His promises to become a reality in your life.

Our Vision.

To visit less privileged communities, where early pregnancies and school drop-outs are rampant.

Our Mission.

Our main mission is to reach out to teenage girls and teenage mum’s,who are still in school or have dropped out of school, due to early pregnancies .We are teaching them on how to discover and live in their true Identity in Christ Jesus as Beautiful Queens.Despite some falling short by getting pregnant while in school, we Rebuild their broken hope by letting them know, they are still valuable and the best is definitely ahead of them. We believe that young girls have an amazing potential and our main aim, is to train them to be confident, responsible, disciplined and honest citizens in order to have a promising generation that fears and honors God.

Our Goal.

To Rebuild Broken Hope.
Thank you so much for all who partnered with us, in reaching out to amazing young girls in Huruma, Nairobi on 08/04/2017. Am totally humbled by the fact, you agreed God to use you, in making this outreach a success. More than 200 young girls turned up, we spent time with them and shared God’s amazing love towards them, life skills and knowing their true-Identity. I was so happy to see these beauties walking back home with hope.For volunteers who gave their best to make this outreach a success for God’s glory!!!Only God can reward you in amazing ways beyond your wildest imaginations.You are priceless and i appreciate you.

Our next out-reach will be at Kariobangi-South  on

20th May 2017

Take note,we are registered with the Ministry of Labour, social security and services in Kenya.

We kindly request for partnerships in:

  1. Baby Diapers
  2. Sanitary-towels


As the Lord leads you on how to partner with us in our outreach program, lets us know how you would like to stand with Beautiful Queens Out-reach by sending us an e-mail to

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Thank You and God Bless.

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