12 Amazing Lessons I have Learn’t From Service.





Advancing the kingdom of God requires your input and my input as well, in whatever capacity God has graced you. Giving your life to Christ is the best decision you can make while Spiritual growth is very important in your walk with God but you can’t sit back and fail to use what God has deposited within you, in advancing His Kingdom. The ailing world needs you to break forth and do what you are supposed to and the body of Christ requires your input in advancing God’s Kingdom in your community. Several years back, I joined ushering ministry at my church but i never understood what it entailed to serve. My mind thought it was all about standing, looking good, showing people where to sit and collecting the offering. I never had a revelation that serving God in whatever ministry He directs us, it’s a pathway for molding us to be more like Him.
Three years into serving, I almost quit, I could not handle the pressures that came along with serving. I had attitude issues, I was insecure and I was not confident in my own skin. Serving people while you have underlying issues which you are not willing to confront,  is never a walk in the park. I had a list of endless reasons, why I should quit from serving. I claimed I did not have time. i had other better things to do, I did not have any special skills to serve and I thought in my head ,people did not need me. Little did i know, serving God and His people was never about my agenda but His Agenda .God made sure He used people from different walks of life, to work on my attitude, talk about being treated unfairly, I went through that first hand. After years of serving and am still serving by His grace, am totally grateful to God for working on me.On this post,I will share important lessons which have helped me to stay put, along the path way of service.

??.It’s always about God’s Agenda, you don’t serve His agenda according to the way you think you should. You serve His agenda, on His terms not on your terms.

??.It’s a free Attitude/Character training school, you don’t pay a fee to attend but it’s very extensive.You are guaranteed a promotion to the next level, if you stay put by God Himself.

??.You discover and develop your spiritual gifts.From interacting and serving people from all of walks of life, God has enabled me to discover my purpose.

??.You draw closer to God as He draws you closer to Himself, while serving others. When your focus is on Him, you die to the flesh and end up allowing Him to take charge of whatever He has assigned you to do.

??.I have learn’t how to rely on God 101%, while I serve His people as an usher. Trust me on this, when you are nice to  someone, who is not so nice to you, your flesh will always suggest you treat that person in a demeaning way.Through challenges I face, once in a while, I have learn’t how to ask God on a daily basis to teach me, how to serve His people.Every service always presents an opportunity for me to grow.

??.I have experienced immeasurable happiness and peace by just obeying God while I serve.

??.You learn the ethics of unity and end up valuing people from all walks of life.Regardless of who you are,where you are coming from,your status or what you do for a living,when you surrender to God,It will never be about you,He works on  you on a daily basis.

??.While serving , you learn how to walk in faith by walking out of your comfort zone. When you see what He can do when His power is at work within you, you begin looking for the doors He’s opening, rather than pushing your way through the one’s He’s closed

??.You experience God’s presence in new ways: – I have meet people who are in dire need and I end up encouraging and praying for them. This has enabled me, to see God in diverse ways, while using me as a point of contact hence encouraging me to continue serving His Agenda. As you encourage others and they find healing, you will also be encouraged to pursue what God has assigned you to do.

??.You learn how to be committed:- In this ministry ,there are several meetings we have to attend, we have to be on time to serve and there are responsibilities, we have to do individually .This has helped me to be more committed in different areas in my life, from my career in the market place and in my relationships. When you are faithful in the little God will entrust you with much

??.You grow Spiritually mature in things that pertain to God’s Kingdom.

??.While I serve God, I have cultured amazing friendships. Friends who push me to pursue my purpose and they keep me on check, to live a life that is after God’s own heart.

Let me awake anyone who is giving all manner of excuses, why he/she is not ready to serve God’s agenda. God does not work solo and yes, He has to work on you through people. You can’t get petty and fail to serve someone else’s vision and expect God to entrust you with much. Serving others, equips you to handle more that you cannot handle, unless you learn the aspects of servant hood. God will press all the buttons that need to be pressed, so that He can work on you.Service to man is still service to God.Not every time am required to serve i feel like serving,there are times i feel like i won’t but when i remember whom i’ll be accountable to, i forego my feelings and do what am required to do.
Whichever ministry God has called you out to serve, He will always stretch you to be more like Him and less of you.I will encourage all those who are serving, to continue serving God’s agenda with a clear cut focus on God and not your own agenda. Let your service be after impacting other people to know Christ and desire more of Him.For those who are still contemplating what you can do to advance God’s kingdom through service,there is so much you can do.Ask God in prayer,to direct you where you will be effective for Him.The Holy Spirit is the one who will teach and enable you to serve, even when the flesh does not feel like it.

NB:-When it comes to the things of God, Don’t Try to serve through your own might and knowledge, you will wear out and fizzle so quickly because it will be about you and not Him.

I challenge you on this post DO SOMETHING to advance God’s Kingdom,be it  at your church or in your community.Our Helper the Holy Spirit, is more than willing to help and teach you, on how to serve God and His people.

Even our Savior Jesus Christ, He did not come to be served but to serve us. Mark 10:43-45 Yet it shall not be so among you; but whoever desires to become great among you shall be your servant. And whoever of you desires to be first shall be slave of all. For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life a ransom for many.”

While you serve, let Jesus be your POINT OF REFERENCE

Am Praying For You And You Are Special In God’s Eyes……..
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