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While am free I tend to go through my social networks and capture what my friends have been up to or what’s going on around the world.. Social media has made the world a global village and you can learn a lot about someone’s life by just reading their posts and photos they are posting. As believers we need to know the world out there is waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God Romans 8:19, they are reading and looking for people who will make a change that will make Jesus so real to them. Lives can literally be changed through social media, negatively or positively. We have influence in any realm we are in, whether we are, students, entrepreneurs, in ministry or in the corporate world. We are ambassadors for the Kingdom of God and we have a great responsibility of being the light of the world.
Social media has turned out to be, such a powerful platform but as a believer how are you using it to influence the world positively??? You may be the only example of Christ-like personality, a non- believer will encounter and his/her life be changed for good. When people come across your page, do they experience a preview of Jesus? Our lives are not to be taken lightly. God knew exactly when you would receive Him as Your Savior and how it would transform your life and the lives of other people around the world. 1 Corinthians 8:9 But beware lest somehow this liberty of yours become a stumbling block to those who are weak. People are watching you, even when you don’t think they are.

You are a representative of Christ and the Kingdom of beauty, light, truth and reconciliation dwells within you

Here are some aspects to look at, in stewarding our influence positively:-

1. Status updates you post:

The messages you post could literally be a letter to your followers about Christianity and the heart of God. Most people are turned off by Christianity not because of the Bible, but because of Christians. Many people may never open a Bible, but they may watch a self-described Christian post negative, hateful or curse-word filled rants on their news feeds.

We are not perfect, but we certainly don’t need to take to our keyboard every time we want to vent about something

Use your social media platform for good and positivity.

2. Photos you post:

What messages do your photos send your followers?

As a lady are they honoring yourself and other women? Do they promote purity and dignity?

If you’re debating on whether you should post a photo, ask God to give you peace about it, if it would represent Him well. If you don’t get peace about it, you have your answer.

3. Comments you post:

What kind of comments are you posting on other posts.

Are you busy judging and condemning people or are you posting posts that reflect the heart of God

Not all posts are meant to be replied. We live in an opinionated world but it’s not our job as believers to drag ourselves into murky waters.

There is a balance between not being controlled by people and being responsible to them.

I believe many people don’t hold themselves to a high standard because they don’t believe they have an impact. You don’t have to be a celebrity to have impact!!! The truth is, you are called to influence. You emulate Jesus as the light of the world. As His children, we are called higher. Champions know they are accountable for their realm of influence and hold their impact in high regard. It doesn’t matter how big or small it is because those who are faithful with little will be trusted with much. Luke 16:10 .

As God ordained champions, we have influence but the way we manage it matters……..

Do Your Part!!!
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