Pass the test.

Some few days ago, I got to have an interesting conversation, with some of my girlfriends, whom we fellowship together in church. We shared a lot about our walk of faith in Christ but one of my girls, got to share an impactful article that got, me thinking?? I know there are people who are running from one church to another because they were hurt but they ain’t running away from their jobs because they are hurt, they still go home to their spouses who have hurt them but when it comes to the house of God, they keep on running from one ministry to another!!
Am not here to judge or condemn anyone, am here to challenge and encourage people, to desire and a deeper walk with God. A deeper walk with God that will get us to a place, where we are planted and willing to grow for God’s kingdom.
I have been hurt in my church, but I have also been comforted greatly in the same place, I have been betrayed by people, but I have also been covered in prayer by those I least expected, I have friends that we became strangers, but I have also made some wonderful friends from people that were once total strangers,I have endured hugs and fake smiles from people who slander me in private, but I’ve also been cheered on by people who knew very little about me.
You see, where there is good, there could possibly be evil, and just because there’s evil, doesn’t mean that’s all there is.

Staying power does not come from running away for safety whenever times toughen up, it comes by staying through. Every church has it’s own share of drama, if you will stay long enough, and if you will look keenly, you will see!

Sometimes you will only overcome challenges by staying/sitting through them. (Of course there are times you will have to leave certain environments but before you do, find out if it’s God’s will for you.) Sometimes healing comes through endurance; (allowing patience to have her perfect work in you) but you may not know that you’re being healed, until you meet one of those challenges and you walk through it easily.

Every place God will lead you has its own challenges, you have to determine to sit through them and serve your term. The solution is not always in leaving! Your promotion only comes when you pass the test, running away will always bring you to new places but the same test because you have no muscle to handle pressure.

God should be able to trust you with different kinds of pressure and you should determine to ace it because the power to do so lies within you! Just a reminder that you don’t have to leave! You can sit through and you won’t die!

Love ReinaBeaty
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