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Busy trying to rectify your flaws and mistakes, so that you can receive Jesus Christ as your Personal Savior?? Trust me, there is no special criteria for receiving Jesus Christ . Let me unwrap my journey of recommitting my life back to Christ. I was raised in a Christian home and my older siblings played a big role, in my walk with God. So growing up from elementary to high school I was born again, and had so much zeal to live for Jesus.
After high school things changed, friends changed, my older siblings were not around to offer wise counsel and before I knew it, i was already hanging out with wrong friends who didn’t embrace the ways of God. Along the way, attending church was no longer a norm, no more reading God’s word and before long I was involved in an unhealthy relationship, which drew me away from God. Years passed on, I turned out to be a silent rebel at home and did crazy stuff but deep within me, i still loved God even though I never pleased Him.
On this particular day I was just done, with the kind of life I was living, I had looked for love in all the wrong places but instead of receiving love, I ended up receiving rejection and hurt. So how was my turning point?? A lot of unpleasant stuff had happened to me and I didn’t know how to pull myself out of the mess. I was a captive in my own life. Out of frustration and desperation, one evening I left work and bought a ticket to travel to a far city known as Mombasa, trust me I had never been to that city nor did I know anybody residing there.
My mind being the battle field, the enemy was having a short lived party by my poor decisions, due to toxic emotions. Once I got to Mombasa something very interesting happened, God ordered my steps to a church within town, where I went and cried my heart out to God. Back at home my family was worried about me, they hardly knew where I was, my phone was off and i know for sure the enemy was celebrating thinking that his plans would Succeed. Little did he know, that  day was my day, of being delivered and definitely my journey to recommitting my life back to Christ .
Was there any qualification or preparation required for me to receive salvation? No! Jesus Christ accepted me back with all my flaws and mistakes. After some hours, i bought a return ticket and boarded a bus to return home, which was a day’s journey. Am forever grateful to God that my plans never succeeded but His plans prevailed over my life.After giving my life to Christ,i  really struggled with a lot of issues but God was totally patient with me and never gave up on me.
Many times I walked in guilt and condemnation which made me feel so ashamed. For me to walk in victory, I had to make a choice to know and understand God’s word which is truth. Romans 8:1-2 Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus, because through Christ Jesus the law of the Spirit of life set me free from the law of sin and death. Not only did Jesus give me the gift of salvation,He also gave me an opportunity to serve Him in Ushering Ministry in my home church.In Luke 7:36-50 The bible clearly states, a sinful woman went to wash Jesus feet in a Pharisees house. People in that room were busy judging and condemning her due to the lifestyle she was living, as she washed Jesus feet but Jesus accepted and transformed her just as she was.

Take Note:-You can’t wash your stains away, allow Jesus to do it for you. His blood will be the bleach to wash you white as snow and His Spirit, will begin to live directly in your heart.One of the main ways the enemy holds us captive, is by putting a burden of guilt and shame on us. We all need to know Jesus paid the full prize for our sins;it’s not our business to bare our sins. He sits at the Father’s right hand, not as an accuser, but as an advocate to offer mercy and not condemnation. His objective is to bring you back into intimacy with the Father. He is not interested in making you jump through hoops to prove yourself worthy or to earn back God’s love. Jesus wants you as you are! He is the potter you are the clay.

It does not matter whether you are a prostitute, a drug addict or an alcoholic,  Jesus wants you as you are. There are endless list of yokes, you can’t free yourself from, unless you allow Jesus Christ to set you free. It might take time for you to stop that habit but that does not limit God, from delivering you as long as,you have surrendered your life to Him. Give Jesus a chance and allow Him, to transform your story into a testimony. I simply never recommitted my life to Christ to embrace a religion but to have a personal walk with Him. Champions reading this post, I might not have it all together but recommitting my life to Jesus was the best decision I ever made.

Titus 3:5

He saved us, not because of any works of righteousness that we have done, but because of His own compassion and mercy, by the cleansing of the new birth (spiritual transformation, regeneration) and renewing by the Holy Spirit


Dear Lord Jesus, I thank you, honor you and i worship you, for each and every reader you ordered to this Blog. I thank you because you know their names, you know their desire, you know their struggles, and you definitely know their future. I thank you so much for allowing me to share my struggles in a positive way, with a full assurance you will minister to anyone who is struggling with yokes. King Jesus, am a testimony of your faithfulness, you have done what no man could do in my life, you have set me free from yokes which were beyond me and by the virtue of what you have done in my life, Daddy I ask you, to set your children free,free from yokes, guilt, shame and condemnation. I decree and declare they are free from whatever is binding them to stay captive and I speak the blood of Jesus over their lives from now on. I thank you for what you have done, what you are doing and what you will ultimately do in their lives. In Jesus Mighty Name I do pray and believe Amen!Amen!Amen

No qualification is needed in receiving Jesus Christ,except your heart and the confession of your mouth that He is Lord over your life.

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