Your Territory Your Choice

Turning 22 was such a great feeling, i had a strong urge within me to move out of my parents’ house. I was looking forward to be independent and do things my own way, within my own rules. Little did i know! The world had a package of Friends to offer and it was my choice, to welcome the people that came along my territory or not. How far they got to my inner circle! it was up to me to decide. Honestly, I did allow some not so good friends, whom we shared the same faith to come into my territory, their influence on me was not that good and we ended up parting ways. I did trust their opinions and judgments, even though at times i knew deep within my spirit something was wrong. Along the way i went through betrayal in their own hands, which caused me emotional pain but looking back that was a good lesson and experience to mature. In the book of 2 Samuel 15 we Read of how King David was betrayed by his wise Counselor Ahiphothel,who worked with His rebel  Son Absalom to bring His kingdom down .Before Aphiphothel turned his back from King David, he had great power, influence and Authority. Whenever King David wanted any advice in regards to running the affairs of Israel, He settled for Ahithophel  counsel  which he deemed wise and upright. Absalom choosing to use Ahiphothel was his cunning idea to bring His father’s Kingdom down. Eventually no matter how wicked Ahiphothel counsel to Absalom was God still preserved the throne of David. King David was hurt by his own close friend but the best decision he made was to run to God His safe refuge. In life we make mistakes in trusting and confiding in the wrong people but God still delivers us when we choose to trust Him in everything. To cut the long story short! after that experience, i became wiser and more sensitive to God’s leading and a more forgiving person, who holds no grudges towards people.

During that period i learn’t that:-

 1) People come as a package either good or bad

2) Friendship is not by force it’s a choice we make.

3)People act as gatekeepers in our lives and the kind of wisdom we operate in:- They will led us to what we are Permitted to do, or mislead us, in missing out on what we are permitted to do. It’s a two way traffic.

4) The day you make a choice, to let go of dysfunctional relationships, it’s the day you will allow God to bring forth, divine relationships which will lead you to your great destiny.

5) God uses people and circumstances to shape our attitudes and character.

6) Every tough season has an expiry date but how you respond to it, will determine how long you will stay in that situation.

7) The power of forgiveness is your gate way to total freedom.


Life is always in motion it’s either moving forward, backwards or going round in cycles depending on the people you allow into your territory. When you align yourself with people who inspire you and help draw out the best in you, you will find your best self.

Trust God to bring the right people into your life and the people who are supposed to exit your life,Trust Him also to give you wisdom to let them go!!!

God Desires The Best For You…………………
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